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Short Run Custom Plant Labels/Tags

Plant Pics can print your custom label in any shape design in small runs down to 150 (depending on label size). On average the short run numbers are 200 and the varieties can by any numbers. Either use our standard shape or provide us with a shape or we'll design the shape for you. Make you stand out from the crowd. Save money by not needing to order run numbers of 1500 for custom labels when you only need a few hundred per variety. Our turn around times are fast as well. If you are desperate, we could get the labels out within a few days for you (depending on jobs at time).

Pot Weed Mats

Wholesale and Retail Nurseries can get a lot of benefit from these new Pot Weed mats.

- The material is 100% recycled and certified by the Carbon
reduction institute as Carbon Neutral
- It is 100 % recyclable
- It is an Australian Made product, not manufactured overseas
- Does not contain any plasticizers, cadmium, lead or other heavy

Garden Centre Point of Sales Signage Pack

Nursery pack signage

Could your garden centre use a face lift? Why not start with a ready to go
point of sale signage pack.
All sign are printed using UV light fast outdoor weather inks
and materials.

Pack 1 ($370) includes

. 4 sign holders (choose from 3 styles)

. 24 x A4 signs, 2 of each category (full colour, 1 side only)
1 complimentary basic design

Pack 2 ($288) includes

Valentines Day Signage

Purchase predesigned Valentines Day signage for a great price of only $75. This sign is a huge 1.2m x 1.2m printed on 3.5mm corflute to last. Add some colour and impact to your nursery today.

Christmas Range Of Labels

Christmas Labels, Tie ons, Push Ins

Plant Pics presents a range of Christmas Labels with full colour on front and back. The tie-ons are supplied with a mix of 4 different types of labels in one bundle. The push-in is shaped like a Christmas tree and looks great!

Pronto Pics (short run custom labels)

Plant Pics is proud to introduce Pronto Pics to our product line.
Pronto Pics caters for small number orders for pictorial tie on and push in labels. Pronto Pics labels are justly named to provide a fast turn around and just-in time service to help customers get their products to market quickly and cost effectively.

Pronto Pics labels can be custom designed to suit your requirements or designs can be selected from a number of standard line formats that Plant Pics has created to make things easy for you.

Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to our new website!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Plant Pics website! The new, modern design makes finding/viewing and ordering products much more easier. The new website features:

* Easy to use navigation, with letter search as well as product search.
* Quantity based discount pricing.
* All our Plant Pics Range of labels available for viewing.
* Quick links to downloads.
* Easy to setup accounts with order tracking and notifications.


Plant Pics has been operating within the horticultural industry for over 25 years and prides itself on providing the wholesale nursery industry with quality products with a guaranteed high level of service. We constantly source the best available products to cater for the industries ever changing needs.
Plant Pics stock a large range of plant labels/tags, allied products and promotional products which are available for immediate pickup or delivery orders.

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